Courtesy of second world

I enjoy seeing images come to life. I love texture, things that are gritty, the various special qualities of light, visual symmetry, modern architecture, clean lines and things that move. I often enjoy the things that some may perceive as quirky or different. I always enjoy the color cobalt blue, a smoke filled room, nature and decay.

I love having a plan, but always leave time to look over my shoulder, because sometimes the best shots are found there.

I am currently pushing my passion for the still medium into motion.

The “what are you capable of” question is always a tough one. I feel as though my skill set and passion is constantly evolving, so I feel safe only saying “I am capable of many things.”

I have shot with everything from a RED Camera to an Olympus underwater rig, and many other cameras in between; whatever the assignment has called for. I thrive in putting together the right crew and the appropriate support team, because nothing beats a flawless team atmosphere. In general, I, as well as my team, strive to not only deliver a great product, but have fun doing it.