Courtesy of second world

The Coven

A look at how the book photography was created, as well as some of the amazing talent that helped make it possible. The project centers around “the hair” and creating a cast of characters along the way. Photos from this project are being used as submissions to the NAHA Awards Competition for hair styling by Michael Albor of The Loft Salon.

Camera Details

Canon 7D

art direction: Mark Sylvester

Interrobang Design

  • AlborNAHA2010-549_final
  • AlborNAHA2010-503_final
  • AlborNAHA2010-453_final
  • AlborNAHA2010-398_final
  • AlborNAHA2010-393_final
  • AlborNAHA2010-354AB_ret_final
  • AlborNAHA2010-336_final
  • AlborNAHA2010-312_final
  • AlborNAHA2010-294_final
  • AlborNAHA2010-219_final
  • AlborNAHA2010-184A_ret_final
  • AlborNAHA2010-132_final
  • AlborNAHA2010_rosary
  • AlborNAHA2010_0507AB_twins_final
  • AlborNAHA2010_0504A_twin_frame_final
  • AlborNAHA2010_0466A_kate_final
  • AlborNAHA2010_0326A_kate-white02_final
  • AlborNAHA2010_0310A_kate-bird_final
  • AlborNAHA2010_0191A-2_queen_final
  • AlborNAHA2010_0185A_Nubian_01_final
  • AlborNAHA2010_0137A-2_final
  • AlborNAHA2010_0096AB_final_LB
  • the coven_thumb